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Fresh Gourmet
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Cheese crisps are the hot product trending in stores.
Fresh Gourmet's cheese crisps are one of the originals that positioned themselves as a salad topping. With new competitor brands entering the market, Fresh Gourmet aims to keep their graphics looking fresh and up-to-date, while maintaining their salad topping roots.


Main goal of the design was to portray that this is a premium product made with quality cheese. The cheese stamp became a central design element that has been tweaked through the years. As the product and consumer evolved, wanted to also allude to the snackability of these items while also maintaining its position in the produce department.


made "cheese stamp" the central element of the design and very salad forward.

build out style-guide, added color bar at bottom and struck a balance between salad topping and snack.


bag size changed, adjusted contrast of text for legibility

As line evolved and extended, the design had to change to highlight new flavors and product inclusions by using the lower half of the bag to explicitly show what the product is made of. 


The new package design also influenced how various marketing materials were designed, making them more colorful and bright. These various outlets allowed for more explanation and reinforcement of how to use this product whether its as a topping or snack.

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