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Fresh Gourmet
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Fresh Gourmet introduces citrus juices as a new line of products. Theses bottles offer consumers a convenient way to get the citrus flavor they need all season long.

Color selection was based on the actual colors of lemons and limes. There was concern about legibility and contrast among colors so the green colors have more range.

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Wanted the bottles to be bright and playful to make them feel accessible and easy-to-use. Developed citrus illustrations/pattern as the basis of the design. Being part of the Fresh Gourmet brand, there is always an emphasis on "fresh" so an image of a real lemon or lime was incorporated into the design.


A challenge was creating a design for the organic line where marketing wanted to keep the basis of the regular citrus line but make it clear that it's different. Adding the USDA Organic logo helped differentiate the line, but could easily be overlooked. As a result, the organic design was split in half with a dark green bar at the bottom of the bottle and a different citrus image at the top.


New citrus juices were promoted in a sample kit to the sales team and customers. Bottle illustrations were carried over onto the corrugated case, reinforcing branding and providing for a beautiful pattern. Recipe cards were also designed and included in the kit.

Constructed custom 3D bottle renderings from scratch by developing a wire frame through photoshop and converting it to a 3D object (.obj). Once created, the bottle structure was imported into Adobe Dimensions where lid, material and artwork were placed on bottle and rendered out to create mocked-up packaging.


Sell sheets and other templated marketing items, combined Fresh Gourmet Co.'s brand with the Citrus Juices brand. The combination created a refreshing vibe that enhanced the Citrus Juice's identity while reinforcing the Fresh Gourmet Co. brand.

Bulk packaging corrugated had to be designed differently as it was limited to one color and also converted to a case display. The citrus illustrations were carried over but simplified and used only on the sides due to printing limitations. 


Cases were shipped in a designed shipper that converted into a display base with a custom, diecut header. To make the display more intriguing, more citrus illustrations were created that showed the citrus as wedges and slices along with the current citrus illustrations. 

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