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Halo Top International

15 second video ad promoting Halo Top's new flavor introduction to the New Zealand markets. The goal was to create excitement and intrigue in the new product using bright colors and fun animations.


Music and imagery were provided by client. From there I was tasked with coming up with the storyboard and animation of the video with a few mandatories such as showing the product, where consumers can by the product and end with the Halo Top logo and social media pages.

Soundtrack fit into a 15 second clip so it did not need to be edited. The focus then was to make sure the animation fits to the beat of the music and transition accordingly.


Although the ad was short, the turnaround time was fast. With the limited amount of time available, I was still able to create an ad that  accomplished client's goal of showcasing the product being bright, eye-catching and fun.

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