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Just Add

Just Add makes life a little easier with convenience cooking products. These dry mix packets have all the necessary seasonings and flavor in one packet. All you have to do is add fresh produce to create the ultimate dip, smoothie and/or meal.

Original Design

Original design highlighted the transformative aspect of the dry mixes along with the fresh vegetable or fruit needed to make the dish. The simple and straightforward design helped establish the packets in the produce department. 

As the line extended and then consolidated, the design layout and brand needed updating to make the packets stand-out and feel more unified across the line. 

JA_Dry Mix Packets_Old-Overview.png
JA_Dry Mix_Page_Strip-Image_Before.jpg

The main goal of the re-design was to play up the Just Add brand. When the packets first went on the market, Just Add was in its early stages with no established style or feel. 5 years in, it has become playful and fun and encourages cooking for all levels.

JA_Dry Mix Packets_Colors-02.png
JA_Dry Mix Packets_Fonts-Header-01-01.png
JA_Dry Mix Packets_Fonts-Body-01-01.png

Used for H1, headlines, titles and other emphasized copy

Used for H2, H3, sub-headline, body copy


Fun, playful font selection and illustrations revamp the dry mix/convenience cooking category by making it youthful and eye-catching. The simplicity of the designs reinforces the idea that these products are easy-to-use.

JA_Dry Mix_Page_Strip-Image_Applications-Guac.jpg
JA_Dry Mix_Page_Strip-Image_Applications-Strawberry.jpg
JA_Dry Mix_Page_Strip-Image_Applications-Coleslaw.jpg

Lifestyle and application shots are stylized on bright, colorful backgrounds or light countertops. As a "quick and easy" product, the shots should feel attainable, yet inspirational for an everyday chef. It is okay for it to look messy with vegetables or fruit used a props. 

The packaging and brand update helped bring new life to these packets. Making them bright, exciting and fun helps differentiate them from competitor items on the market while also making them feel accessible to all consumers.

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