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Mrs. Cubbison's
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Mrs. Cubbison's is an established brand mainly known for its stuffing. The brand has various other products under its umbrella that are less known. There was a need to establish consistency across all lines to create better brand recognition and freshen up the look to be more contemporary.


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Decorative Text


The pallet is fairly colorful but instead of being bright & flashy, the colors (especially the primary colors) take a more natural approach to emphasize a homemade, bakery feel. Colors should feel natural, similar to plant based dyes or jewel tone. Colors should feel like they came from the same family trying to use warmer colors rather than cooler tones.

Traditional with a twist of modern, Mrs. Cubbison’s fonts help tell the homemade, bakery brand story with serif bold title fonts contrasted with playful script like secondary fonts.

Arched banner is a staple of Mrs. Cubbison's stuffing boxes. Wanted to duplicate the banner across other product lines for recognizability. Size of banner varies based on front panel design.


Wanted to bring in drawn, custom illustrations to make the brand feel fun and accessible. The imperfect, hand-drawn adds to the authenticity of Mrs. Cubbison's homemade story.


Photography is a combo of overhead and angled depending on application and design of package. Social media images are primarily angled and should be propped with an eclectic antique-like assortment of dishes, silverware and servingware.

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