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Panera introduces new line of snackable toppers for consumers to recreate Panera's classic dishes at home. 
The design aims to ooze high appetite appeal and promote Panera's clean and simple ingredients.


Wanted the photography to drive the designs with it being eye-catching and draws the consumers in. It was required that the hierarchy of design be Panera's logo, flavor then product.

Photography was shot based on Panera's new "moodier" and "lust for life" rebrand. Different shot angles were used to differentiate SKUs with the cheese crisp images being all overhead and the other products three quarter angle.

Panera launched new line with cheese crisps as their main product. Packaging artwork is easily adaptable for potential line extensions and can accomodate more SKUs in the future.


After the initial print, the decision was made to remove the textured background and make it a flat, 1-color background. The general consensus was that the matte finish was washing out the texture making some areas look like it was rubbed off. The solid background gave the finished product a clean, refined look.

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