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Sugar Foods Co.
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Sugar Foods Co. is a food company that produces a variety of goods for both retail and foodservice channels. The company has a variety of sub-brands that utilize different websites to promote their products. They want to build a base template that can be used by all brands to efficiently build and manage their landing pages.

Basic template layout is simplistic that can be easily followed. Each section can vary depending on the various brands and what each website's main goal and focus is. 


Fresh Gourmet's website has a larger social media section showcasing it's beautiful application shots with high appetite appeal. 


Playful illustrations and design elements enhance the Mrs. Cubbison's website by reinforcing the brand while staying within the template.


Standard template made building out various brand websites easy and efficient. Layout was simple enough that it allowed for each brand to add customizing elements to the website. 

In the end, implementing the template and updating websites ended up being cost inefficient for the company. The project was sidelined for future use.

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